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Our data:

Our business mailing lists compiler employs 600 Americans right in the midwest to gather data on America's businesses in a 150,000 square foot facility.  

How can you target your audience?

With over 14 million businesses in our database, you can find exactly the businesses you want to reach.  We have over 6,000 Standard Industrial Code (SIC Codes)  that target businesses by categories.  You can target specific occupations like doctors or dentists, and even target those down to specialties, like heart surgeons and  orthodontists. You can target government offices, educational centers, manufacturers, whatever you need for Sales Leads Generation!

If you are unsure what business mailing lists SIC Codes you need, just ask and we will send them to you in an easy spreadsheet. Email marketing is now available.

Business Mailing Lists and Email Marketing to Businesses

You can target any way you see fit to maximize your Leads Generation , from running a radius around your address to selecting zipcodes, cities, counties, metropolitan areas or states.

Employee sizes and sales volumes

One way to target is also to select all your records within a specific amount of employees and \ or their annual sales revenues.  In this way you can choose small businesses that are up and growing, or large established businesses that have shown staying power.

Other selections:

You can also choose whom to market to by their professional title!  Send your email marketing piece directly to the top or send it to the Human Resources Director, it's your choice. You can select just one executive per location or all the executives in our database for that location for Leads Generation . You can even target you business mailing lists by female executives only, if you wish.

You can select by publicly held companies, location square footage, eliminate franchise businesses, select by credit rating, years in business, and business purchasing habits.

Want a quick price quote?

Just email me at if you would like a count and price quote for your email marketing or business mailing lists needs. Email address cleanup services are also available. Call today at (800) 950-9877.