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Target Marketing via Carrier Route Mapping

What are carrier route maps?

Zipcodes are divided into sections, or delivery areas, called carrier routes.  These are important especially when you need to maximize postal delivery discounts.  We can target market Carrier Route Mapping an area around your business, and show you exactly which carrier routes are in your marketing area, and can then show you the general demographics of each carrier route.  

This is a very effective method for developing sales leads via local email marketing of retail goods and services.

You may wish to choose carrier routes that have a higher propensity of homeownership, or of renters, or high income neighborhoods, or neighborhoods with a high density of retired folks.

The cost of a basic carrier route map is usually $49.99 a map, but for 2019 we will be offering our customized mapping services for $29.00 a map, with additional discounts for volume.

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Tell us your area and what radius you want to achieve,and we can have your map ready in an electronic *.pdf format designed just for your marketing program.