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Email Marketing

Whether you are looking for the business emails of leaders in your industry or homeowners within a tight radius of your business, we have the freshest Direct Marketing data available. Low minimums and competitive pricing means you can begin direct email marketing lists today without having to pay for printing and postage, the two largest costs of any direct mail campaign.

The Consumer File

There are over 275 Million individuals and 150 Million American households in our consumer database, representing over 90% of all American households.  We will save you between 30% and 50% or more off standard mailing lists retail pricing.  

We have the Direct Marketing data you need, whether personal data such as age, income, presence of children by age, home values, homeowners or renters, mortgage data, credit card usage, buying habits, lifestyle selections, ethnicity, automobile owners by year and make\model.  There are literally hundreds of categories in our direct mail and email marketing database to choose from.

For example, a multi-state roofing company recently came to us.  They were mailing to homeowners, and getting a poor response to their mailings.  We analyzed their databases and realized they were mailing to a large number of condominium owners who made no roofing decisions.  We eliminated almost 35% of their total print, postage and labor costs by targeting single family dwelling unit homeowners only.  Then we  targeted homes over 15 years old, and actually found new markets for them to immediately service.  Their total response rate increased 42% after their third mailing while postage and print costs dropped by half. 

The Business to Business File

There are over 14 million advertising businesses operating today in the United States.  

* 2.6 Million New businesses every year
* 650,000+ Manufacturers

* 227,000 Large Businesses

* 6.2 Million Small Business Owners

* 1 Million Global Businesses

Mailing lists data is hard to keep up to date, so our compiler spends over $50 million a year to update our files and provide you with the freshest, most up to date data anywhere.  600 People and a 150,000 square foot facility with one goal- to make your marketing as effective as possible.

Besides saving over 50% from the retail price, you will benefit from our experience culling out records that do not meet your criteria.  We sell only Zip+4 data, while many of our competitors sell data that won't qualify for bulk mailing discounts.  We also know how to eliminate businesses that only marginally meet your selection criteria.

Mortgage Marketing Data

 Our Mortgage Marketing File is a combination of public deed transactions gathered from County Recorder offices. This database can be utilized for new homeowner offers, prospecting for PMI insurance users, refinancing prospects and mortgage lead generation. Over 40 unique selects (interest rates, sale price, mortgage type.and more) .  

The Premium Mortgage Rate Marketing Data has the multi-sourced mortgage information file with all the same selects plus assessor data. The advantage of this file is the depth and breadth of coverage.  

The mailing list, telemarketing data and Email marketing data is invaluable to banks, mortgage refinance companies, home improvement contractors, pool builders, and any other business that can take advantage of the latest data of homeowners. 

 Selections Available

* Home Purchase Price

* Loan to Value

* Loan type (VA, FHA, Standard)

* Fixed or Variable Rate

* Mortgage Rate

* Loan to Value

* Est Equity Amount

* Refinances

* Home Equity Line of Credit present

* Est Loan Balance

* Purchase Date \ Refinance Date

* Est Monthly Payment

* Line of Credit Amount

* Mortgage Interest Rate Data

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About Us

Marketing Data Experts Since 1991

Ramjac Data works with all the major Direct Marketing data compilers in the United States, Including INFOUSA, American Business List, Experian, Equifax, Valassis, CAS and others to bring you the Email Marketing and Mailing List data you need at pricing to meet your budget.

Our Simple and Friendly Approach:

Our services include a complete consultation to help identify opportunities via mailing lists and Email marketing. 

You will talk to a marketing specialist who has over 25 years experience.


Over twenty-five years, Ramjac Data has been our sole provider of mailing lists. During that period of time, Ramjac data has provided to us over 100 million records.

You will find that Ramjac Data has extremely friendly and knowledgeable customer service. They work collaboratively with their clients, and take the time to educate them as needed. There are no "one size fits all" mailing lists. Everything is extremely customized, and they will walk you through every detail. I have considered Ramjac Data a partner in my business without whom I would have had far less success than I have had.

No worries about timing. Ramjac Data works tirelessly to meet their deadlines, no matter how complex the data selections. Unlike other data companies who have sales clerks to take your orders, and whose objective is to sell you the most number of records, Ramjac's approach is to make your direct mail campaigns successful. Is it possible to obtain half the records and get twice the response? You bet.

In short, I have seldom referred Ramjac Data to other companies for a very good reason. My competitors might learn one of my secrets. Since I have now retired and sold my business, I no longer have to worry about that, I highly recommend this company to all who will listen.

Eric, thanks for a quarter century of success!

Dan Chaudoir


Central File Marketing