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  Total Universe:
Democrat Voter Lists: 34,514,255
Republican Voter Lists: 31,257,089
Independent Voter Lists: 11,880,251
No Party Affiliation: 8,750,901   

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Political Voter Data
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Democrat Voter Lists
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Ramjac Data's Political Party Affiliation file is a multi-sourced database containing information on nearly 86 million individuals. An amazing 500+ demographic and lifestyle characteristics are available on the file.  

Data Sources:

Our Political Party Affiliation file is compiled by self-reported product of transaction and response-driven elements. Our Political Party Affiliation file is demographically selectable for any marketing communication program from list generation to customer database enhancement. 

Additional Selections Available:

*  Political Party

*  Liberal Donor 

*  Generic Political Donor 

*  Conservative Donor 

*  Religious Donors

*  Environmental \ Animals Rights Donor

*  Age  * Gender  * Ethnicity   *  Marital Status 

*  Household Income  *  Home Value  *  Occupation Type

*  Homeowners vs Renters

*  Presence of Children 

*  Length of Residence 

*  Years in School  Estimated Wealth  

Special Issues Voters:

*  2nd Amendment vs. Gun Control Supporters

*  Environmentalists

*  LGBTQ Supporters

*  Social Conservatives vs Social Liberals

*  Marijuana Rights Supporters

*  Evangelicals

*  Marriage Equality Supporters vs Opposers

*  Health Care Reform Supporters vs Opposers

*  Pro Choice vs Pro Life

*  Tax Reform Supporters

*  Active Military \ Veterans

Final Overview:

Our premier Voter Lists file contains 204+ million registered U.S. voters, including all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Nationally known for our all encompassing political data, our file regularly acquires information to append new Democrat Voter Lists registrants, new Republican Voter Lists registrants,  voter history, party switchers and early/absentee voters. 

The file is compiled and standardized from over 4,000 election boards, county clerks and board of registrar offices across all 50 states including the District of Columbia.

We append over 1,000 lifestyle demographics fields to assist with microtargeting. We also append and update email addresses, land lines & mobile numbers, clean & standardize addresses monthly through the National Change of Address and Social Security Administration or flag for deceased.