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Why Choose Ramjac Data?

Quality Is Job #1

Buying a cheap mailing list can seem like a great way to cut costs and ensure your sales leads and marketing efforts increase your return on investment. But you’re likely just wasting your money on outdated contact information and data that won’t get you anywhere, and all that print and postage end up nowhere.

According to direct marketing database experts, 80% of business and 32% of consumer data changes annually - people change jobs, businesses are created or go out of business, and people's lives change constantly. That means without a  guarantee on accuracy, that cheap mailing list is going to quickly burn a hole in your budget. It’s no shocker here, but you really do get what you pay for.

Time is money. That means a bad investment in a cheap list when you create a mailing or telemarketing list can end up costing you more than you can afford.  In fact, bad data costs the U.S. economy $3 trillion per year, according to a report in the Harvard Business Review. The report said 27% of people are unsure how much of their data is bad. The report also said one in three business leaders don’t trust the information they’re provided.

So what does our quality mailing, email, or telemarketing list include? Quality data, backed up by constant data inputs and hundreds of trained professionals accessing data from only the most reliable sources.

Be sure to read consumer reviews of the companies you’re looking at on reputable websites such as ResellerRatings.com. These reviews offer valuable insights into the experiences of real customers. Lastly, nothing beats good old-fashioned customer service. When it doubt, don’t hesitate to call us on the phone. Have plenty of questions, and we will be prepared with your answers.

Targeting Your Success:

Recently a large nationwide roofing company asked us to create a new direct marketing  mailing platform for them.  In the past the had simply mailed to all homeowners with a middle to upper income, but their response rates were dismal.  After looking at their mailing lists database, we quickly saw that much of their mailing went to condominium owners who had no input about roofing decisions.  We took their data and appended new data so that the homeowners name was updated, their address was CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified and we chose to mail to homes that were 15 years and older.  Their response rate more than tripled immediately through more effective targeting.

Postal Discounts can more than pay for your top quality list

A large financial services company asked us for advice on how to get a better rate of return on their direct marketing program. By utilizing their own data and adding new prospect households, and then CASS and presorting their database, we were able to drop their postage costs by over 33% while increasing their sales leads response rates.  Not only were they keeping in touch with their own clients, they were bringing in new clients as well, all at a lower cost.

Mail to the correct people by choosing business titles

Contact names are great for smaller companies, since most contact information goes to the owners who are the decision makers.  But for larger businesses, the CEO or President won't be bothered by a direct mailing list pitch- they are simply too busy.  So when a Human Relations software company asked us for a list of qualified Human Resources executives sales leads, we delivered that to them. Direct marketing response rates shot up, and follow up telemarketing call saved them hundreds of man hours in getting to the right person.

Your dream list may already be compiled

A large part of our job is to work with the many compilers and get you the direct marketing data you need.  We work with only the most reputable mailing lists compilers in the business, and know the questions to ask to get you the best sales leads data available.  In most cases we are able to use our buying power to get discounts that we pass along to you.