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The consumer file will put you in touch with 230 million American consumers & 150 million households


What's available?

* Ages, Incomes, homeownership\renters, length of residency, presence of child(ren), credit card types

* New movers hotlines, highly affluent households, young professionals

* Registered buyers of automobiles by year\make\model, boat owners, pilots

* Homeownership and mortgage data, including home values, equity, sale date,loan types

* Buyers of health, beauty, leisure, electronics, gourmet foods, books, guns, many others.

* Medical list by specific ailments, charitable donors,  political donors by party

And hundreds of other consumer mailing lists and email marketing categories! Direct Marketing Works!

Where does our data come from?

We have two main suppliers of our consumer mailing lists marketing data, INFOUSA and CAS, Inc.  Mailing Lists and Email Marketing Data are compiled via hundreds of nationally sourced data files, drawn from credit companies to phone companies and census data.  Add on to that warranty registrations, buyers habits, auto and boat registration data, homeowners mortgage data, and literally hundreds of other proprietary databases.  The data is all compiled, standardized, scrubbed and made 100% US Postal Service compliant.

We also service specialty Direct Marketing files, which are anything from teachers at their home addresses to members of the NRA  to doctors \ dentists at home.  These files come from too many other compilers to list here.

Are telephones available?

YES!  We supply Direct Marketing Telemarketing files to hundreds of clients, from bank credit card offers to home roof repair to solar energy installers.  We are in strict compliance with the FTC telemarketing and email marketing rules, and our database is scrubbed against the Do-Not-CAll National Database monthly for the finest consumer mailing lists anywhere.

You must be approved to telemarket in the United States, and we can show you how to register as a telemarketer.  We do not currently sell cell phone numbers, but we can append them to your existing client database.

How does the data arrive to me?

Almost all our consumer mailing lists orders are electronically delivered now days, just like software updates. Files will open up directly into all windows approved applications in an ascii comma delimited file, or ascii tab delimited for Apple systems.  Other Direct Marketing formats are available at no additional charge, such as d-Base or fixed field length.

Other formats such as labels, 3x5 sales cards, and paper printouts are also available.

"We do that!", so if you have any special Email Marketing or Direct Marketing requirements, someone here will figure it out!